IPS officer makes mountains of money

 IPS officer makes mountains of money

He is an officer of the Indian Police Service (IPS), currently only in the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) in the Telangana State Police. So far, he is known for general public as non-controversial, of course not on personal front.

Yet, very silently and cleverly, he has made ‘mountains of money’. The IPS officer, who is in a key position in the state police, has special interest in mountaineering. Being in key position, he enjoys influence in police circles. Further, he maintains public relations to find sponsors for his ‘expeditions’.

According to sources, the DIG finds official sponsors for his ‘expeditions’. Simultaneously he will ask people who seek favours from him to arrange money for the same expedition for which he already found an official sponsor. Then the ‘unofficial sponsors’ will be directed to pay the expenses of his forthcoming expedition in cash to a particular travel agent in Abids. The cash later finds its way to the DIGs unaccounted wealth.

It is said this particular travel agent at the behest of the DIG undertakes ‘special tasks’ which are completed with the influence of the DIG. In return for the favour, the DIG gets handsome ‘cut’ through. Thus, the travel agent has become a middleman for the DIG in making ‘mountains of money’.

Sources said the DIG has recently got issued an arms license to a realtor though the city police boss is reluctant to issue fresh arms licenses. In return for the favour, the DIG is said to have taken a few lakhs of rupees, sources said.

What more! This particular DIG has got a plush mansion in Secunderabad as his residential quarter, a dream house even for senior IPS officers.

Even additional directors general rank officers envy the luxurious mansion enjoyed by the DIG, which he is said to have secured when he was still a DCP rank officer.  He latter got it renovated and furnished in an extravagant manner though the Police Housing Corporation refuses such luxuries.

Further, the IPS officer sold out a mansion in Mahendra Hills recently for about Rs. 4 crore and diverted the funds to acquire some other property. Sources also said that the IPS officer acquired several open plots and alienated some of them recently.

One of his victims is said to have lodged a complaint with the department of personnel and PMO about the huge wealth amassed and the modus operandi of the DIG in making mountains of money. Consequently, a discreet enquiry has been ordered against the IPS officer and an IRS officer related to him.

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